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Our last question asked: Who are some of the speakers lined up to speak at the Republican National Convention? To name just a few, a member of the Duck Dynasty, Scott Baio a.k.a. the star of Charles In Charge and Joanie Loves Chachi, a soap opera celeb, Rudy Giuliani, Rick Perry, venture capitalist Peter Thiel, and of course, a gaggle of Trump children. Here's a more elaborate list!

Congrats to Charlotte LoBuono for being the very first to answer that correctly (and for commenting she enjoyed the Scott Baio reference in one paper's headline: "Donnie Loves Chachi!"), Mark Edwards (whose answer was "I only have 140 characters so I have to stick with Scott Baio. He will always be Chachi"), Martin Berliner (who jokes "the entire cast of The Jeffersons declined"), Mark Gibbs (who notes there are "As many billionaires and Trumps speaking @ GOP convention as governors & senators"), and Lori Friedman for all offering valid answers. Shout out to Margo Howard for joking "no one" and Robert Fortner for suggesting "anyone."

As for today's question, here it is: What are some of the weirdest/most interesting things delegates bragged about their states during the official casting of votes at the RNC?

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