Did we just reach the apex?

"This is pretty stunning. Cruz is making his 2020 pitch into the camera as audience screams and jeers at him," realizes Melanie Mason at the LA Times. And that could be a very good explanation as to why Ted Cruz just now refused to flip-flop on his anti-Trump stance and did not endorse Trump after all. Instead, he cautiously counseled everyone, "Vote your conscience," to the increasingly thunderous boos of a pro-Trump audience as it dawned on them he would not be putting his stamp of approval on their candidate. In fact, it got so uncomfortable that Cruz's wife Heidi allegedly had to be escorted out for her own safety, and things had to be especially awkward for Newt Gingrich, whose prepared remarks apparently were going to read, "Senator Ted Cruz in particular made the key point that we need to elect the Trump-Pence Republican ticket."

So now you understand why each time we went to hit "send" on today's Daily, things only got more interesting at tonight's edition of the Republican National Convention. And this came on the heels of distracting tech issues that plagued son Eric's speech (Eric Trump comes out with half the screen behind him not working…. Total disaster," complains CNN's Dylan Byers), recurring anti-Hillary jeers of "Lock Her Up," ghostwriter Meredith McIver falling on her sword for the sake of Melania's dignity, and last night's tribute from supposedly forgotten daughter Tiffany ("That Trump doesn't follow his daughter on Twitter is the least sad part of this @publicroad piece," argues journalist Angela Chen). Politico clearly concluded this all warranted the implementation of a drinking game called "Make America Drink Again," to the delight of political journalists everywhere (who probably didn't need the excuse but were grateful for it, ne'ertheless).

Last night only 19.8 million people reportedly watched the RNC, making that audience about 4 million smaller than the numbers that tuned into Fox’s GOP primary debate last August. That might change after tonight, though.

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