Can tonight top last night?

Jul 21, 2016

"Revenge is best served on live national TV," writes Politico's Glenn Thrush while offering 5 key takeaways from Ted Cruz’s convention stunner last night (at 4,200 shares so far, and in which Thrush introduces the image of a "jut-jowled" Trump). And by stunner, we mean the way Cruz faced off against a chorus of boos as he refused to back Donald Trump at the RNC. "Got to give it to Ted Cruz, this was pretty badass," admits Zachary Davies Boren at Energydesk, while Matt Pearce of the LA Times predicts, "Good news, the 2020 presidential race has already begun," (in what we can only assume was a sarcastic tone). "Wow, I really should have watched last night," realizes PoliticoPro's Eric Geller. "One delegate yelled “Goldman Sachs!” at Heidi Cruz. Which is now apparently a Republican insult?" marvels Eric Owles from the New York Times. "The Zodiac Killer struck again," jokes Michael Gold. Simultaneously, Jonah Goldberg writes, "I find it nothing short of hilarious how so many seasoned political journalists (including many of my colleagues - and betters - at Fox) are visibly shocked and appalled by what Cruz did last night." 

Cruz certainly made the Trump VIP box an entertaining watch. "Who in the Trump box wore a dress that looked like a form-fitting Twizzler? Click to find out (h/t@AshleyRParker)," invites Washington Post's Ben Terris. New Jersey governor and Trump attack dog Chris Christie wasted no time labeling Cruz’s speech "selfish," but Cruz's campaign manager just as quickly shot back that Christie (and we quote) "turned over his political testicles long ago." "After Christie dressed down Cruz for not endorsing Trump, Cruz's campaign manager went for literal low blow," observes Dustin Racioppi. At the same time, Trump has busied himself downplaying the role of the U.S. in global crises like Turkey’s, which prompted The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg to go so far as to claim Hillary Clinton is now running against Vladimir Putin. "Prez candidates' make tons of (empty) domestic promises, but I fret more about the global havoc a POTUS can wreak," confesses Atlantic colleague Michelle Cottle. But before we wrap up the Trump takes, we'll point you to Jill Filipovic on why men want to marry Melanias but raise Ivankas. "But what if I identify as more of a Tiffany," wonders Molly Mulshine with Galore Magazine.

So can anything top last night? Perhaps this evening's most anticipated speech won't be from The Donald himself, but rather venture capitalist Peter Thiel, Trump’s most unlikely supporter. "Peter Thiel plans to make history as first speaker to announce at GOP convention that he is proud to be gay," reports WaPo's Matea Gold.

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