The new 'Walking Dead' trailer has a Journalist Reach of nearly 10 million

The new 'Walking Dead' trailer has a Journalist Reach of nearly 10 million

Muck Rack Coverage Report

San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) recently wrapped up as TV networks and film studios began releasing their latest sneak peaks and promotions for upcoming releases. One of the biggest darlings of the fan-focused convention is AMC'sThe Walking Dead (spoiler alert). With the series entering it's seventh run there is a lot on the line to maintain the buzz it's created (including a spinoff called Fear The Walking Dead). Season six also ended with a gut-wrenching cliff-hanger. Last week the network released the new season seven trailer and announced the 10/23/2016 premiere. 

According to Muck Rack's Coverage Report platform that analyzes how coverage on a specific topic is being shared, articles about the trailer and SDCC announcements from July 18th on have already accumulated a journalist reach (journalists shares x their number of Twitter followers) of over 9.8 million to date. Above is sample screenshot of it, to request the full report or a different report, feel free to email me at

This proves that The Walking Dead franchise and series is alive and well especially among the top influencers, journalists. Muck Rack will continue to track how the buzz increases leading up to the premiere in October. 

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