Convention wrap-up time

Between Hillary Clinton's complete awestruck reaction to her own triumphant balloon drop and these 17 pictures of hubby Bill Clinton playing with balloons that you need to see before you die, balloons and glitter really had a moment last night, guys. "I am also 100 percent here for Tim Kaine's total ebullience about these balloons. It is hard to overstate the thrill of seeing very accomplished adults frolicking in balloons," writes Elle columnist R. Eric Thomas. "Has Hillary never seen a glitter cannon before?" wonders Alice Workman. "I want to be as happy as @billclinton is with balloons. Look at the joy in his eyes!" marvels Esmeralda Portillo. "If only every balloon could have their very own Bill Clinton to adore them," muses Erica Swindell. Others were more concerned than entertained. "i'm a little worried about Bill Clinton after seeing these pictures of him playing with balloons," admits Lori Montgomery. "So yeah, Bill Clinton has advanced dementia and is not long for this world," similarly concludes Bill McMorris at the Washington Free Beacon.

Here are some other things we learned since we left you last:

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