Only 99 more days, but who's counting

"THIS is how you get to a choice between the “lesser of two evils” for President of the United States: Nobody votes," observes the Wall Street Journal's Greg Emerson of the revelation that only 9% of America actually chose Trump and Clinton as the nominees (at 22,000 startled shares right now). "Due to voter disenfranchisement & apathy, only 9% of Americans got to choose the 2 most terrible Pres nominees ever," concludes Abby Martin of The Empire Files. "88 million Americans eligible to vote do not actually do so. Another 73m don't vote in primaries," Boston Globe's Todd Wallack puts it another way. "Perhaps America has never been more united," wryly suggests journalist Adam Rose. Freelancer Joe Jackson calls it "The fundamental flaw in most Western democracies, which then herald their supposed 'democracy' to rest of the world," but Jake Grovum with the Financial Times argues "Using this to claim something re two-party system is crazy. Millions just chose not to vote!"

In Trump-specific updates, it doesn't look like this week is off to a good start for him:

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