From Olympics to politics

"The world is moved by Team Refugees. Yet, it is unmoved by refugees ... (This article is everything)," declares journalist Samira Sawlani after reading Roger Cohen's assertion that we only seem to love those who are forced to flee their homelands when they also happen to be Olympians (at nearly 10,000 shares right now). "Regular people, Obama, the UN — all are moved by Olympian refugees. Too bad about all the other refugees," BuzzFeed's Miriam Elder puts it another way. "Does the world get better at being itself? A typically thoughtful meditation on #TeamRefugees by @NYTimesCohen," praises colleague Anand Giridharadas. "So glad @NYTimesCohen called bullshit on this," harmonizes The New Yorker's Lauren Collins. "Yes, let's cheer #TeamRefugees in Rio, but not with empty words," urges NYT's Tariro Mzezewa.

In other Olympic highlights, Katie Ledecky beat her own world record in 400 freestyle, so now might be a good time to quit calling her the Michael Phelps of the women's team -- and just stop attributing the success of women Olympians to men in general. Speaking of Phelps, if you were wondering what the heck those purple splotches were on his body, it's called cupping; there's little scientific proof it helps Olympic athletes, reports STAT's Megan Thielking, but could it still give them a boost? 

... Here's what Olympic events to watch in primetime for today.

In politics, over the weekend we were reminded that as a senator Clinton promised 200,000 jobs in upstate New York, but her efforts fell flat. "To borrow a baseball term, was Hillary Clinton much more than a replacement level U.S. senator?" pointedly asks freelance journalist Ross Barkan. Meanwhile, Politico reports that Clinton's team may have "sent out feelers" to high-profile GOP hold-outs ... such as Henry Kissinger.  "Don’t seek Henry Kissinger’s endorsement, ever. If he told me which couch to buy, I’d think he bugged it already," scoffs MTV's Jamil Smith. "Serious question: Who does Clinton want to win over if she had endorsements of Henry Kissinger and Condoleezza Rice?" wonders Josh Smith at Reuters. It seems this news was enough to inspire freelancer Anthony Crupi to pen some new lyrics to a popular contemporary hit: "This is my fight song / Kissinger was right song / war crimes are tight song / f**k human rights song…"

And in Trumpland, let us be among the first to admit the media got one story very wrong: The Donald didn’t kick a baby out of a campaign rally, so you can stop sharing those articles suggesting otherwise. "I owe @realDonaldTrump/backers an apology: Assumed here that he had kicked out baby. #NeverAssume," confesses National Journal's Ron Fournier (who, by the way, we just learned is headed home to Detroit!). At the same time, however, 50 GOP officials are claiming a Trump presidency would put the nation’s security "at risk," a Florida Republican Party spokesman reportedly is quitting because of his candidacy, and an anti-Trump Republican just launched an independent presidential bid ... so today's news cycle is a mixed bag for the billionaire mogul, as well. The new candidate's name is Evan McMullin, and he's already got his own super PAC. "Is America ready for its first Ted Talk president?" asks The Fix's Philip Bump.

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