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Aug 12, 2016

Our last question asked: Nabisco is releasing what kind of limited-edition sugary snack, available at Kroger only? That would be an Oreo with Swedish Fish-flavored filling. And judging from your responses, we might be just about the only ones excited about this. We like Swedish Fish, okay?! Sadly, there are no Krogers near us, so will someone please send us a pack?

Congrats to publicist Lauren Hackett (at right) for being the very first to register her extreme dislike for this idea! Honorable mentions go out to this tribe of tweeters for also weighing in: Becky YerakJessica M. Pasko (who would "love to meet the people who were clamoring for this"), KimMic (who wonders "so do Swedish fish taste like cherries?"), Cory Sekine-Pettite (who guesses "squished gummy bears would just be bad optics"), Craig Pittman (who also thinks they sound "YUCK"), Marianne Goodland (who similarly thinks "GROSS!"), Tracey Parry (who thinks they "Go together like lamb and tuna fish" and loves them both just "not together"), Laura Kath (who might actually be in our camp, asking "the new limited edition only at Kroger!!? #Why #WhyNot"), Mark Gibbs (who "just threw up" in his mouth a little and considers it one of the #crimesagainsthumanity), Ron Casalotti (who shrugs "i would've called them Cherry-oreos"), Natalie Tindall (who adds this gif to better convey her feelings), Leila Palizi and Claudine Laforce (who asks "so are they squishy?").

As for today's question, here it is: According to the Wall Street Journal, someone called into Ruby Tuesday Inc.’s earnings call late last night pretending to be whom? Bonus: What was his question?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

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