Media Monday madness

Fox News has a new head honcho, but we're unsure if that will change much about the work culture there. "Bill Shine worked at Ailes's side for 20 years but says he had no knowledge of sexual harassment," observes New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman. Also, fun factoid: "New Fox News prez is married to author of 'Happy Housewives,' 1950s-style guide to domesticity (Advice:'Don’t Nag!')," shares NYT's Mike Grynbaum.

Weirdly, Peter Thiel wrote an oddly sympathetic op-ed in the New York Times, Thiel-splaining why he basically man-handled Gawker. "Hey guys, Peter Thiel says journalism will be just fine! He'll be deciding what qualifies," snarks Edmund Lee with Recode. "Sorry, can't reconcile Thiel's claim to have been 'proud' to bankroll Hulk Hogan with the fact he did so secretly," points out Fast Company's Harry McCracken. At BuzzFeedNitasha Tiku similarly calls bullshit on this, translating Thiel's words as an attempt to pivot his personal brand to privacy hero. All the while, however, Gawker continues to churn out posts, with their latest popular one on this crazy theory about New York's governor Andrew Cuomo. Read it just to see the response from Cuomo's communications guy.

If you daily consume massive amounts of media on the level that we do, you probably noticed something different about the Wall Street Journal this week -- like, with respect to that pesky paywall: now the Journal is offering guest passes and expanded link-sharing on social media. Or as the Journal puts it, "neither stricter nor leakier, but bendier." Josh Dawsey there calls it "Good news if you like the WSJ: You can now read for free (but we still very much appreciate you subscribing...)." Noted!

Sadly, Comedy Central has opted to drop the axe on Larry Wilmore’s Nightly Show, making Thursday's episode their last. "Just 12 weeks before the election!" CNN's Brian Stelter tweets in surprise. "And what of Trevor Noah? Comedy Central president says he 'couldn't be happier' with his version of The Daily Show," reports NYT's John Koblin.

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