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Our last question asked: According to the Wall Street Journal, someone called into Ruby Tuesday Inc.’s earnings call late last night pretending to be whom? Bonus: What was his question? He claimed to be "Buddy Fox," which is the name of Charlie Sheen's character in the classic movie "Wall Street." His question: If the restaurant chain's revenue might be "negatively impacted" by the death of Harambe. Yes, as in the dearly departed gorilla.

Congrats to Louise Harris (at right) of Iron Petal Communications for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions go out to these fine folks for getting it right, too: Claudine Laforcepashva (who observes it seems like "Harambe" is "the new BabaBooey! @HowardStern must be proud"), TThoWaterfield DesignsMia Dand (who phrases it "fictional character asks assumed-to-be-dead brand abt impact of already-dead ape on sales"), Mark Gibbs, Buck BoraskyCraig PittmanNina Rach, and Ron Casalotti (who notes Fox said "Bluestar loves Ruby's" and "Triple Prime Smokehouse Burger... for lack of a better word... is good").

As for today's question, here it is: A Facebook post from a Little Rock, Arkansas resident recently went viral for (hilariously, we might add) detailing an unfortunate mishap involving a puppy and a household cleaning appliance. What happened?

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