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Aug 16, 2016

Washington Examiner teamed up with Echelon Insights recently to take a poll of Washington elite, and at least among their kind, Trump isn't doing so well: D.C. insiders overwhelmingly favor Clinton in the election—like, by 40 points. On the other hand, these insiders also say it will be "business as usual" in Washington post-election, even despite the growing popularity of outsider candidates. "Clinton will preserve status quo for us, Washington insiders say," reports The Examiner's own Timothy Carney.

And in yet another analysis of what's gone so very sour between Trump and the media, Vox's Ezra Klein tries to explain why the press feels so free to criticize the Republican nominee: "While it’s ridiculous to suggest the media likes Hillary Clinton — her relationship with the press is famously, legendarily toxic — the media is increasingly biased against Trump. He really is getting different, harsher treatment than any candidate in memory. That he deserves it is important context to the discussion, but not, I think, the whole explanation," Klein writes. "Good observation by @brianstelter: 'Trump has freed journalists from the handcuffs of false equivalence,'" praises columnist Rob Pegoraro. But The Guardian's Jonathan Shainin responds, "I want to write a book called 'Journalism and the Mirror of Nature' that makes these arguments obsolete forever."

Checking in on the Gawker saga, the only bidders for the media company so far appear to be Ziff Davis and Univision. The winner for Gawker could be announced as soon as today. UPDATE: To Univision go the spoils, for $135 million!

Need a dose of good news about the news?

NowThis just participated the #22pushups challenge to raise awareness for veterans' suicide prevention LIVE on Facebook, and challenged BuzzFeed, Mic and The Dodo to do the same ‚Äč(here's more from NowThis explaining the challenge and how important it is). Could this be the new Ice Bucket challenge? Let's see if we can't stoke the fires of a little media competition here, for another worthy cause.

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