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We're kind of a fan of starting off the Daily with some lighter fare, and we have The Omaha World Herald to thank for today's appetizer. "Warning: Pot makes you mean to your pets," concludes Philadelphia Inquirer's John Timpane, sharing this latest amazing headline: Omaha dad finds pot brownies, eats 4 of them, says mean things to cat. Yes, that is a real headline, and it's already received 10,000+ shares. "And I'm suddenly thankful nothing I've said to a cat has ended up in a police report, or the newspaper," confesses Albuquerque Journal​'s Dan McKay. "Apparently cats in Omaha have something to worry about," John Celock of The Celock Report. "This and Zombie Weed-Eating Sheep are my favorite news stories of 2016," decides Bustle's Jenny Hollander. We especially agree with the takeway from Tad Vezner of St. Paul Pioneer Press: "Best part of this story is 1st comment: 'Kevin, did you just ruin your journalism career or did you just make it?' We vote for "make it." Kudos, Mr. Kevin Cole!

Disclaimer: The above gif is not at all related to the story, but it's what came up when we searched for "cat pot brownie," okay?

All right, fine, back to politics:

And in non-politics, Brazilians are angry now that holes are emerging in American swimmer Ryan Lochte's story about getting mugged in Rio.

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