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Aug 17, 2016

In yet another shake-up for the campaign, Trump has hired Breitbart executive Stephen Bannon for a top campaign post. Campaign chairman Manafort gets to keep his title, but some media analysts are calling this a demotion. Meanwhile, senior adviser and pollster Kellyanne Conway becomes the campaign manager. "Thinking past November 8... Trump has a great team in place for a new television network or digital media startup," realizes CNN's Brian Stelter. BuzzFeed Ben Smith's take: In Donald Trump’s new media, "Political communications and media activism take a step closer."

P.S. A tip o' the hat to Stelter for inspiring this one, but what do you think of the term "fact-slapping?" Think we can make it happen?

And in media thinkpieces, we turn our attention to sexual harassment in the sciences: is this a new journalistic beat? "If you’re a science journalist & not covering science culture, you’re missing big stories," advises The Verge's Elizabeth Lopatto.

Also, NPR is the latest media group to say goodbye to comments, and it isn't just about trolls: "Just 4,300 users posted about 145 comments apiece, or 67 percent of all  comments." Or as columnist Glenn Fleishman points out, "Besides the rancor, cost, and effort, commenting systems often skew the way NPR’s does." Basically, per NPR's Scott Montgomery, they want to find better ways to connect with readers. 

Plus, the NLGJA announced its 2016 Excellence in Journalism Award recipients. Congrats to all the winners and honorees!

Oh, and agree to disagree if you will, but we put to you that this dancing kid named Reuben is way more interesting than the news report he's videobombing.

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