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Aug 19, 2016

Our last question asked: Why was a pole vault silver medalist reduced to unhappy tears during a recent medal ceremony in Rio? French pole vaulter Renaud Lavillenie cried as he was booed by the crowd for a second straight night in Rio. The first night, the audience of mostly locals booed Lavillenie for first trying (and failing) to beat Brazil's Thiago Braz da Silva (also pictured at right), who indeed ended up winning the gold. The boos prompted Lavillenie to make an unfortunate comparison between his situation and that of Jesse Owens' reception in Nazi Germany during the 1936 Olympics. Although Lavillenie later apologized for likening two very different circumstances, his comments seemed to further fuel the crowd's jeers during the medal ceremony that followed.

Kudos to Sara Jacobson (at right) of Edelman PR for being the very first to answer that correctly. Honorable mentions go out to Jeanne Kirk (who calls the boos "very sportsmanlike"), Eugene Hunt (who agrees), Stefanie Schwalb (who adds the hashtag #crowdnotsocontrolled), David Daniel (who facetiously adds "Classy") and Mark Gibbs for all getting that right, as well. Shout outs to pashvaEve Byron and Margo Howard for guessing it was Japanese pole vaulter Hiroki Ogita, who was not too happy with media who notoriously suggested he was disqualified for this reason.

As for today's question, here it is: Speaking of tears, what prompted CNN's Kate Bolduan to barely hold back tears during a recent newscast?

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