Another media Monday

Today Gawker is officially no more -- or, murdered, as Tom Scocca would choose to put it.  "News organizations whose members can be self-reflective & self-critical are at risk," is how Janet Stemwedel with Forbes interprets that piece. "Every word of @tomscocca's Gawker obit is worth reading, but this is really the gut punch," concludes Trevor Timm at Guardian US and CJR. Not everyone was so convinced: "I did @Gawker a solid and fact-checked its latest foray into revisionist fabulism," helpfully tweets Sean Davis.

Here were more reflections as Gawker went quietly into the dark:

Over at Newsweekwomen journalists shared their stories of sexual harassment during their careers. "Here's my story on sexual harassment in journalism. 53 women and two men got in touch with me to share their stories," details Lucy Westcott there. And at the intersection of politics and media, Melania Trump is taking legal action against The Daily Mail for defamation -- and Hulk Hogan's lawyer Charles Harder (who was being backed by Peter Thiel) is now representing her. Meanwhile, hubby Trump has abandoned every network but Fox News. "Since his disastrous Kahn interview, Trump has not gone on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC or CBS. But he’s done Fox 11 times," points out Sam Stein at the Huffington Post.

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