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Our last question asked: What prompted CNN's Kate Bolduan to barely hold back tears during a recent newscast? It was the sight of little Omran Daqneesh after being pulled from the war zone in Aleppo. Bolduan had trouble containing her emotions as she reported on his story, and Bolduan isn't the only one shaken by the image of this child. Here are some other children of Syria who also deserve our concern and attention.

Well done to JMRConnect for being the very first to answer that correctly. Honorable mentions go out to Kathleen Lisson (who notes "if all tragedies were reported like this, maybe there would be less political doublespeak"), Lori FriedmanMark Gibbs (who points out "What else is there to do" but to cry?), Martin Berliner (who similarly calls it "Awful"), Kristin S. JohnsonJay AndrewVirginia Alimenti and Ron Casalotti (who agrees this past questionw as "sad, and not quip appropriate").

As for today's question, here it is, in a return to levity: What is so special about the individual recently promoted during a knighting ceremony in Edinburgh, Scotland?

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