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Aug 22, 2016

"Yanks invade Canada (again)!" jokes USA Today contributor and Norman Goldman Show media analyst Bill Mann, after 1,500 American partiers washed up in Canada after a river party went awry and winds blew them off course (at 17,000+ very much deserved shares). As one Canadian coast guard described it, "There were Americans everywhere." "An alternative headline: '1500 Illegal Immigrants Sneak Into Canada, Rescued, Then Sent Back Across Border,'" snarks Muhammad Lila at ABC News. "CANADA NEEDS A WALL," similarly quips Vocativ's Lisa Goldman.

Disclaimer: the above gif does not actually depict any of the partygoers. Just, FYI.

And now for a 2016 election update:

Bad news bears for Hillary Clinton: the FBI uncovered tens of thousands more documents in its Clinton email probe. "This is incredible. Banana republic stuff," declares MSNBC's Hugh Hewitt. "Uh oh," The Fix's Chris Cillizza writes via headline. "FROM: NotoriousHRC@yahoo.com TO: colin.powell@whitehouse.gov SUBJECT: where did you put my emails?" jokes Gradient's Bradford Davis. At the Wall Street Journal, they're reporting the emails show the Clinton Foundation sought access to the State Department on donors’ behalf. "Lesson here isn’t so much Clintonworld malfeasance; it’s that a pol's $$ benefactors want and expect special access," suggests Sahil Kapur with Bloomberg Politics (which is still very much a problem, right?). This should prove useful artillery for Rudy Giuliani, who is finally getting the street brawl with Hillary Clinton that he’s always wanted.

Also in politics:

  • Neither Clinton nor her opponent Donald Trump have shared very many health details, despite being 68 and 70, respectively. "Donald Trump has apparently been putting on weight during the campaign, but in fairness, so have I," shrugs Business Insider's Josh Barro.
  • Longtime adviser Roger Stone said on-air that Donald Trump "should release his tax returns,"  and do it ASAP. "Unexpected! Even Trump's fierce ally Roger Stone says Trump should release his tax returns 'immediately,'" reacts Jennifer Jacobs at Bloomberg News.
  • On the subject of advisers, Fox's Sean Hannity has turned outright adviser in the service of Trump. "Again I ask: How can Trump run his entire campaign against the media, when the media is running his campaign?" wonders WaPo's Catherine Rampell.
  • According to the Huffington PostTrump jacked up his campaign’s Trump Tower rent once somebody else was paying it. "Terrific story. When Donald Trump started using donor money to pay Trump Tower rent, he quintupled the rent," shares Toronto Star's Daniel Dale.
  • Not a good look, either: the Associated Press uncovered quite a few Trump staffers who have made online posts bordering on racism and talk of religious war. "Had trouble illustrating Trump social media story, as AP can't republish some statements/memes even as examples," admits Jeff Horwitz there.
  • If KMOV is to be believed, a Trump campaign office in Colorado is currently being run by a 12-year-old. Yes, Colorado. You know, that battleground state? "This is probably not real.. right?" asks Bloomberg's Margaret Ely, hopefully.
  • In case you were wondering, here's why many veterans are sticking with Trump, even after he insulted a Gold Star family. "We hear a lot from national security experts about 2016. Not enough from ppl who actually fight this country's wars," notes WaPo's Jia Lynn Yang.

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