Monday media mash-up

Weighing in on the weekend's favorite controversy, The Intercept's Jon Schwarz makes the case that Colin Kaepernick is righter than you know. "Damn. Did not know this. The third verse of the U.S. national anthem literally celebrates the deaths of slaves," reacts WaPo's Radley Balko. "Still not sure I support Kap's choice, but I think this is a point worth noting," concedes PCWorld's Mark Hachman. Meanwhile, Smithsonian magazine revealed their historic September issue entitled "Black in America" in honor of the opening of the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C. on September 24. Check out their first article from that series here.

Over at The Guardian, they're mourning European editor Ian Traynor, who has died at age 60. "RIP Ian Traynor. Great correspondent, lovely man, privilege to have covered Bosnian war with him," reflects NYT's Roger Cohen.

And after a noteworthy 22 years at CBS News, Charles Osgood announced his retirement as anchor of Sunday Morning. "Sunday morning will never be the same. My heart a little broken, #CharlesOsgood has been part of my Sunday for years," shares KNTV's Peggy Bunker.

Days after Facebook announced humans would no longer write descriptions for its Trending topics list, a fake headline about Megyn Kelly started trending at the top of everyone's feeds. So that's working.

Meanwhile, news organizations continue to embarrass themselves with terrible tropical weather reporting. Or as Washington Post's Mark Berman puts it, "@capitalweather says your bad weather takes are bad and you should feel bad."

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