Unbelievable, and yet not

By now you already know that serial texter Anthony Weiner has done it again. After an epic takedown by New York Post describing how his latest bout of unfaithfulness took place even while his son slept curled up next to him -- in which the coin was termed "stay-at-home cad" -- the doubly (and now triply) disgraced former congressman has officially obliterated his a second chance at a second chance. "Again. AGAIN. Unbelievable," tweets CNN's Brandon Griggs, speaking for most of us. "Jesus, why doesn't he at least use Snapchat?" demands The Street's Nelson Wang, which is a good question; at least there his embarrassing posts would have been ephemeral. "It's a lot of things, but mainly sad," observes John Schwartz with the New York Times.

And faster than you could finish asking "Why does she put up with this," his wife Huma Abedin decided three strikes means you're out, and announced she would be leaving Weiner. "Good for you, Huma. 'Tell him, boy, bye,'" concludes Niv Elis at Jerusalem Post. "No one knows what goes on in anyone else's marriage etc etc but um yeah this seems like the right call," harmonizes Texas Monthly's Erica Grieder. There is also evidence Abedin and Weiner have been "essentially" separated for months, but that Huma was "hoping to end her marriage outside the glare of the mid-campaign cameras."

Perhaps one of the best takes, however, comes from Washington Post's Chris Cillizza, who argues that now that the young son has been involved, Weiner isn’t funny or entertaining anymore: "Maybe that's because I am, as a dad of two young children, acutely aware of how much even the smallest things you do influence them and that the best thing about kids is their innocence. I am pretty sure you do not need to be a parent to get that."

Considering Huma is Hillary Clinton's right-hand woman, this could not have been a fun development for that campaign, especially with this latest update: Weiner's newest paramour is voting for the opponent of his wife's boss. "Given how lurid campaign 2016 has been, Carlos Danger caught sexting w/a Trump supporter was probably inevitable," shrugs Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi. "How not psyched is the Clinton campaign tonight," New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman. "If I get off Twitter, will 2016 go away?" wails USA Today's Jill Lawrence.

Speaking of Trump, you know he had to weigh in on this. "“Huma is making a very wise decision. I know Anthony Weiner well, and she will be far better off without him," the wealthy mogul commented, and probably should have stopped there. But he didn't. NYT's Dave Itzkoff summarizes what we all pretty much went through: "'oh, he's taking the high road this time.' [reads next paragraph] 'never mind'." Also at the Times, Clyde Haberman asks for a "Show of hands: How many of u think, a la Trump, that Weiner sexted nat'l security stuff? Yeah, thought so." Is now a good time to mention Trump donated to some of Weiner's past campaigns?

Now scooped by their competitor, The New York Daily News dropped Weiner’s column. "In case you forgot, Anthony Weiner was a columnist. Was," points out Chicago Tribune's Kurt Gessler. Not too long after, NY1 put him on indefinite leave.

Our favorite Willy Wonka Gene Wilder has just passed away at 83, and our childhoods will never be the same. "The Waco Kid and Sheriff Bart are together again. RIP, Gene Wilder. Damn, you gave us all a LOT of laughs," realizes AP's Paul Newberry, while Craig Pittman with the Tampa Bay Times reacts, "#RIP Gene Wilder, age 83. If only we could really do this."

Also, this is not a drill: SETI is investigating a possible extraterrestrial signal from deep space. "Holy Hanna-Barbera," reacts The Observer's Brady Dale.

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