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The outrage saga that will not die, Colin Kaepernick's refusal to stand for the national anthem, is starting to raise questions about the media's own diversity demons, argues The Undefeated's Lonnae O'Neal. "Locker rooms are full of black athletes, but few black journalists," points out Boston Globe's Matthew Orr. "Not just white but rich, [East Coast] and disproportionately Jewish as well," further observes Charles Johnson at the Chicago Tribune. And who better to report on this shortcoming than The Undefeated, the premier platform for exploring the intersections of race, sports and culture?

Meanwhile, Georgetown University quietly takes steps to atone for its own checkered history. "Georgetown will offer an advantage in admissions to descendants of the 272 slaves who were once sold to finance it," details Jamil Smith at MTV News. "A first step towards reparations, but with no financial aid attached, seems not far enough," reflects NYT's Nikole Hannah-Jones.

The Denver Post is mourning one of their own, after reporter Colleen O'Connor was struck and killed by a car Wednesday night. "This is terrible. Colleen was a great writer, colleague, person. We all had a lot to learn from her empathy, heart," laments John Wenzel there. "I'm in shock about this. Colleen was incredibly kind and encouraging to me as an intern @denverpost last summer," shares Jessica Iannetta.

The NY Times dissects how Russia often benefits, whether deliberately or by coincidence, when Wikileaks' Julian Assange reveals the West’s secrets. To sum, could WikiLeaks have become a "laundering machine" for material gathered by Russian spies? "Julian Assange thinks stories about Kremlin killing dissidents and stealing Russia's wealth are 'a bit boring'," incredulously concludes BuzzFeed's Borzou Daragahi. "Here’s the problem: reality has an anti-American bias," counters journalist Yasha Levine.

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