Final thoughts for Friday

Today we learned that Americans really like taco trucks. But we only learned this after Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez warned us that his culture "is a very dominant culture, and it's imposing — and it's causing problems" and that "If you don't do something about it, you're going to have taco trucks on every corner."

Then Philip Bump started rooting around and managed to formulate the national economic implications of a taco truck on every corner (at 24,000+ shares right now). And it turns out that a taco truck on every corner would create 9.6 million jobs and practically eradicate unemployment. "I just love that a journo actually wrote about what #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner would mean for the national economy," admits Refinery 29's Andrea Cristina. By the way, though, that's 63 million new jobs that don't include employees already working taco trucks, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not track "taco truck employees" as "a separate data point." In response, San Francisco Chronicle's Marissa Lang demands, "WHAT. WHY."

By the way, Democrats are already trolling Republicans with a taco truck in Colorado.

Elsewhere in politics:

In other delicate matters:

  • We can all agree mosquitoes are deadly, so why not kill them all, right? "Did not know this: Mosquitoes kill more humans than any other animal," realizes Sara Germano at the Wall Street Journal. "NOW WE'RE TALKIN' *arms DEET cans*," tweets Maya Shwayder at Deutsche Welle. "We got rid of the screw worm fly before I ever new about it thank goodness," shrugs Kathleen McKinley at Houston Chronicle. On the other hand, WSJ's Matthew Rose had other ideas: "Here's an idea! Let's crash the mosquito population with genetic engineering. What could possibly go wrong?" So colleague Rick Brooks suggests, "What if we just kill the killer mosquitoes? Genetic engineering might be the answer, but it's fraught."
  • So this small Indiana county sends more people to prison than San Francisco and Durham, N.C., combined. Why?
  • Now 'Birth of a Nation' actress Gabrielle Union comes out to pledge: "I cannot take Nate Parker rape allegations lightly." Kirsten Schofield praises, "Gabrielle Union has consistently used her starpower to raise up the concerns of survivors."

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