These journalists don't want your gift guide pitches

Summer is in the books which means the holidays are just around the corner. Yay!

Who is counting down to Christmas? (Cough, 109 days, cough)

However, do yourself a favor and don’t send holiday gift guide pitches to any of the journalists on this list. 

Jessica Lahey, The Atlantic, The New York Times

I just received a "Holiday Gift Guide" email pitch. #PR peeps, don't. Just don't.

— Jessica Lahey (@jesslahey) August 30, 2016

Kia Kokalitcheva, Fortune

make the "holiday gift guide" pitches stop, for the love of gawd. there is no reason why i should be getting them.

— Kia K. (@imkialikethecar) August 25, 2016

dear PR people: if you plan to pitch me for a "holiday gift guide" bc of the one i wrote last year, which was very clearly for fun -- don't.

— Kia K. (@imkialikethecar) July 5, 2016

Lauren Kay, The Knot

@F_Buonamici we don't do a holiday gift guide, but I am the gifting editor and that is our address!

— Lauren Kay (@laurenekay) August 15, 2016

Alex Heath, Business Insider

*actually don’t ever send me holiday gift guide pitches

— Alex Heath (@alexeheath) August 10, 2016

don’t send me holiday gift guide pitches.

it’s august.


— Alex Heath (@alexeheath) August 10, 2016

Jaime Derringer, Design Milk

Hey here's a tip about sending me your Holiday gift guide right now: don't.

— Jaime Derringer (@jaimederringer) August 8, 2016

Jaclyn Hendricks, New York Post

It is August 3, I don't need to see an email about perfecting a holiday gift guide.

— Jaclyn Hendricks (@jmhendricks88) August 3, 2016

Jessica Hartshorn, American Baby, FamilyFun Magazine

@YeajinHahn we don't produce a gift guide but do show best new baby toys of 2016 if you have a toy to submit. 805 third ave ny ny 10022

— Jessica Hartshorn (@jesshartshorn) August 2, 2016

Brenda Salinas, Freelance

@brendapsalinas Email a gif image.

— Denise Shaw (@SisterD002) June 18, 2016

Matt Townsend, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg News

Hey PR people, I don't write a gift guide, or having anything to do with what TK should buy TK. Cool?

— Matt Townsend (@matt_townsend) December 10, 2015

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