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Gary Johnson isn't the only one having a bad day: plenty of journalists are pretty unhappy with NBC's Matt Lauer, who is navigating a minefield of criticism over last night's Clinton-Trump forumVox's Matthew Yglesias says Lauer "totally blew it" on cross-examining Donald Trump’s flip-flops, while Jonathan Chait declares Lauer’s "pathetic interview made me think Trump can actually win." Probably the nicest thing anyone in media said about their peer was Michael Calderone, who concluded that Lauer point-blank "failed the moderator test." NYT's Mike Grynbaum predicts, "Taking notes tonight: Lester, Chris, Anderson, Martha."

Who will factcheck these folks? Hillary Clinton went on Israeli television to claim terrorists are praying for a Trump victory. "This is appallingly dumb, and everyone would be screaming if Trump said it about Hillary," points out Jonathan Shainin with The Guardian. Simultaneously, her emails with Colin Powell have just been released, which should keep media busy for  a few days. At least Trump pledges to end his press blacklist of certain publications (namely BuzzFeed, Washington Post, Politico, Huffington Post, Univision and Daily Beast). "Guess I'm going to have to remove the 'blacklisted' tattoo from the small of my back now," bemoans BuzzFeed's Kyle Blaine. Meanwhile, President Obama weighs in on climate change, calling the trends "terrifying." Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks counters the president on Twitter, "Yet, you have done NOTHING to stop the #DakotaAccessPipeline."

And in breaking news that continues to break our hearts, at least one person is dead after a shooting at the band hall of a Texas high school.

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