Wanted: a new word for 2016

What with all the Trump bloopers and Clinton controversies getting so much media time, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson must have worried he had been forgotten.

That's no longer a concern.

Because Johnson apparently doesn't know what Aleppo is (that link alone is at 4,000+ shares so far). If you yourself are not well acquainted with Syria, you might be forgiven for this oversight, as you're not running for president of the United States and commander-in-chief of its military. But Gary Johnson is running, and when asked on Wednesday's Morning Joe what he would do about the calamity in that city, Johnson earnestly asked, "And what is Aleppo?" Which would work great, if you're a contestant on Jeopardy and you're answering Alex Trebek's prompt "This Syrian city is the focus of a global refugee crisis," but this was no episode of America's beloved game show.

This, in a nutshell, is the 2016 election.

"And he wants to be the alternative to @HillaryClinton & @realDonaldTrump ? Woe r we with our choices," laments John Ferrugia at Rocky Mountain PBS. "Ayn Rand was silent on this, to be fair," shrugs Boston Globe's Alex Kingsbury.

We didn't need to wait long to see how Gary would address his gaffe. "Oh my. Gary Johnson, after not knowing what/where Aleppo is - offers this. I may never unclench," admits The Guardian's Simon Ricketts.

At the Washington PostPhilip Bump grappled for the right analogy: "Here, I liken Gary Johnson to the Titanic, if the Titanic had blown up while it was sinking," Bump tweets. "The Germans probably have a word for this," helpfully suggests his colleague Rebecca Sinderbrand.

Per usual, we could count on BuzzFeed to boil this down to a clickable game: Do You Know Where Aleppo Is? Global Women's Rights reporter Jina Moore had no trouble, boasting, "I got w/in 33 miles. And at 5 pm local time, I'm fairly confident this is the greatest thing [I] will accomplish today."

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