Today in "why we can't have nice things"

"Law of unintended consequences, Exhibit MMMMCMXCIX," declares Justin Gillis with the New York Times, when news just broke as to exactly why internet browsers are getting disabled on New York’s free wi-fi kiosks (over 3,500+ shares right now). "Internet killed at NYC free wifi spots because — ready? — people used them to look at porn," reveals The Daily Beast's Justin Miller. "Yes, I have witnessed this myself," acknowledges NYT's Stephanie Saul, which is disheartening. "PORN IS WHY NEW YORK CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS," tweet-screams Boing Boing's Xeni Jardin, just to really hammer home the point. "Hey creepy porn guys, can you please stop ruining the Internet?" pleads Carlos Tejada, also at the Times.

In other news you should know:

Well, that was a fun break from politics, wasn't it? Couldn't last for long, though--here's what you should know that happened in politics today:

  • Colin Powell takes no prisoners in private, with leaked emails indicating the former secretary of state called Donald Trump a "national disgrace" and concluded that everything Hillary Clinton touches "she kind of screws up with hubris." BuzzFeed noticed he also called the Cheneys idiots. "Rather impressive Powell confirmed the hacked emails were real. As if to say, 'Yep, that's exactly what I said,'" marvels NPR's Steve Inskeep.
  • The Donald is making noteworthy gains in the battleground states of Florida and Ohio. "Idly wondering when to start stocking up on canned goods. Nov. 9 is going to be hectic at Trader Joe's," frets Jordan Weissmann at Slate, while at Fox NewsCharlie Gasparino muses, "It is hilarious to listen to Clintonites freak because the election is neck and neck."
  • What we've been waiting for all week: Trump made his much anticipated visit to the doctor - Dr. Oz, that is - and it was a match made in television. "One of many reasons I am glad I am not running for president: I would not enjoy public reporting of my body weight," admits The Upshot's Margot Sanger-Katz.
  • Simultaneously, Hillary Clinton released additional health info of her own. "HILLTH DISCLOSURE," quips The Atlantic's David A. Graham.
  • At NewsweekKurt Eichenwald explored how the Trump Organization's foreign business ties could upend U.S. national security. "Trump no different than @HillaryClinton--he and family should be called on 2 sever ties w/ organization if he wins," argues Jordan Chariton at The Young Turks. "Eichenwald also uses the 'raises questions' construction that has been heavily criticized when used re Clinton," notes NYT's Maggie Haberman.
  • Yet even while claiming to distance themselves from their own foundation and limit its fundraising, the Clintons are plotting one last hurrah to celebrate Bill's 70th. " At the end of bad week for the Clintons, one more politically tone-deaf call: a glitzy fundraiser for the Foundation," tsk-tsks John Bussey with the Wall Street Journal.
  • A Flint pastor abruptly cut off Trump when he got a little too political in front of her parishioners.
  • Ivanka Trump defended her father's maternity leave policy to Cosmo, but probably didn't anticipate some of Prachi Gupta's questions about paternity leave as well as new gay parents. "'I'm going to jump off, I have to run. I apologize' translates as 'WTF I'm getting destroyed by Cosmo abort abort,'" suggests Seth Mnookin, director of MIT's graduate program in science writing.
  • And by the way, not all Trump hotels provide paid maternity leave, despite Ivanka's earlier claims to the contrary. "Trump Org says it provides 8-week-paid parental leave policy but leaves it up to properties to implement," explains HuffPo's Sam Stein.
  • For all of his gestures, Trump is still the least transparent U.S. presidential candidate in modern history, according to WaPo. "Trump, who called on Obama to release his birth certificate and transcripts, won't release his own taxes," observes Gideon Resnick at The Daily Beast.
  • The Washington Post alleges that Trump spent $20,000 that belonged to his charity - the Donald J. Trump Foundation - on a six-foot-tall portrait of himself. So what happened to it? David Fahrenthold thinks he's found a clue to its whereabouts.
  • Vice News is suing the IRS for audits of Donald Trump’s tax returns.
  • For the first time in more than 100 years, New Hampshire's biggest paper won't be endorsing the GOP nominee. Gary Johnson, congratulations are in order.
  • The Guardian exposes Scott Walker, the John Doe files and how corporate cash influences American politics. Will Tucker praises, "A dream leak shows exactly how money in politics works after Citizens United. @theguardian nailed it here."
  • So, can we say New Cold War yet? U.S. intelligence agencies are taking a fresh look at the Kremlin. "Remember when Obama seemed witty for saying 'The 80s called, they want their foreign policy back'?" asks David Freddoso at the Washington Examiner.
  • But hey, Michael McCaul says the RNC was hacked, too.
  • Also, today we learned Senate minority leader Harry Reid hates palm trees.

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