What else is going on in the world?

Sep 28, 2016


From the United Nations, theNew York Times reports thatRussia was involved in shooting down Malaysia Airlines Flight 16 over Ukraine, to which Jason Pontin said, “But I was told deploring Russia was the neo-McCarthyism.”

The BBC confirmed it, citing a Dutch-led investigation.

Speaking of hackers, BuzzFeed reports that The White House Asked Congress To Keep Quiet On The Whole Russia Hacking Thing, courtesy of Ali Watkins’ “late-night scoop.”

Also from the Times, there’s an article about how Defending Against Hackers Took a Back Seat at Yahoo. This story comes in light of last week’s hacking revelation. Runa A. Sandvik explains,  “Yahoo's execs allegedly slow to invest in security, including intrusion-detection mechanisms for production systems.” While Hakan Tanriverdi just wrote, “Well, this one burns.”

And in other tech news,Propublica has a feature onWhat Facebook Knows About YouRasmus Nielsenexplains, “Algorithms are often black boxes. @propublicadoing experiments to help us see inside.”

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