Could you love me in a Bentley?
Could you love me on a bus?
I'll ask 21 questions, and they all about us

"21 Questions" -  Rapper/Vodka Entusiast, 50 Cent

Once again it's time for every one's favorite quesion and answer game operated by a journalism-themed newsletter! Before we get to today's question, here's yesterdays: Speaking of games, we'll take game show feats for $1,000, Alex: This guy is setting the Jeopardy! world on fire with his impressive win streak. Even Alex Trebek is impressed with his winnings, which total more than $200,000. Tonight he goes for his 12th win. What is this man's name? (It's not a rule at Muck Rack, but it would be awesome if you would please answer in the form of a question. Because Jeopardy!)

And the correct answer - er  question is... "Who is Seth Wilson?"

Congrats to Ron Casalotti who not only provided the correct answer but did so, charmingly, in the form of a question.

Here's your new question of the day:

Today, the legendary songwriter Rod Temperton passed away at the age of 66. Although most famous for writing a half dozen of Michael Jackson's best and most popular songs (including "Thriller" and "Rock With You") Temperton had a successful performing career as keyboardist and songwriter for a platinum-selling disco band in the 1970s.

What is the name of the band AND the name of their biggest hit song? (Hint: The name of the song was used as th title of 1997 P.T. Anderson film?)

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