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Last Friday, we asked: The popular 1996 slasher film Scream was based on real-life murders that happened in a college town. Name the town AND the university’s mascot. You’ll need both bits to get the answer right.

Answer: Gainesville, Florida and the Florida Gators

Congrats to Carrie Gray, who manages media relations for Columbia Business School for not only guessing the correct species of the University of Florida's mascot but also their names, Albert and Alberta. Honorable mention goes to CNN entertainment journalist David Daniel who also provided the killer's nickname: The Gainesville Ripper.

Today's question of the day is...

CNN reports that Nestle was forced to recall some of its Drumstick Ice Cream cone products this week after they tested positive for Listeria. So let's remember happier times for this feat of engineering and ingenuity: Legend has it that the first ice cream cone was invented by a Syrian man in the early 20th century. What was his name and at what world event did he introduce his invention?

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