Ahsan Chaudhary

Even in non-election years, it's easy for Americans to forget that the world is much much bigger than what happens in November throuhout the 50 states. Thank goodness then for freelancer and Diplomat Magazine contributor Ahsan Chaudhary who is among the best reporters covering what is - and has been for many years - one of the most serious diplomatic and military conflicts in the world: India and Pakistan. Some of his latest pieces include, "Why Do Coups Happen in Pakistan?", "Real Blood, Unsubstantiated Allegations: Was India's RAW Really Behind the Quetta Attack?", and "Pakistan's Black Day." Reading just a few paragraphs of Chaudhary's work will send you down a rabbit hole as the layers of this fascinating and often terrifying conflict peel away to reveal one of the most dramatic ongoing news stories always nobody in America talks about.

Keep up the great work, Ahsan!

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