Mohamed Benabid

His bio doesn’t mention sleep, and we’re not sure if Mohamed Benabid ever gets any because according to what we're reading he’s a really busy guy.

Benabid graduated from journalism school in Strasbourg, France. He was the first Moroccan reporter to publish an article about asbestos cement exposure in Morocco. He was promoted assistant editor in chief of Moroccan business daily L'Economiste in 2002. Since January 2006, he is the publication’s chief editor.

He is currently conducting doctoral research, with the aim to increase understanding of the digital newspaper ecosystem through organizational change approach.

And while we could go on all day about his accomplishments, as there are many, we wanted to end on this awesome note. In his Muck Rack interview, Benabid was asked “Who do you wish followed you? To which he replied, Tom Hanks.

Don’t we all, Mohamed? Don't we all.

Keep up the great work, and best of luck with your research. Thanks for being part of Muck Rack.

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