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Nov 08, 2016

Yesterday we asked: "Which president defeated his opponent on Election Day in the biggest landslide in US history (by popular vote percentage margin)?"

Answer: Warren G. Harding. Props to Craig Pittman who knew the president's name, his opponent's, the year, and even the margin of victory. (James Cox, 1920, 26.17%)

This must have been a tough one because Pittman was not just the first but the only person to answer correctly. In that case, we'll give the honorable mention to Lucia Walinchus who answered Calvin Coolidge, who won by the second largest margin despite being considered by many scholars and laypeople alike as being one of the country's worst-ever presidents.

Your question of the day for today is...

Many predict Hillary Clinton to become the first woman elected to be President of the United States. But she'd hardly be the first woman elected by her people to be a country's head of state. Who was?

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