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Nov 18, 2016

Yesterday, we asked another "on this day in history" question: On this day in 1991, the first-ever national television commercial aired for what type of product?

Answer: It was a condom commercial. According to this LA Times piece from November 19, 1991: “American television history of sorts took place on Fox Broadcasting Co. on Sunday night when the maverick network brushed aside a long-held taboo by nationally broadcasting a condom commercial. The 15-second ad for Trojan brand condoms aired during the off-beat teen show ‘Herman's Head.’ It was viewed by about 7 million households nationally.”

This time, congrats to Charlotte LoBuono for being the first to get the answer right.

Your question of the day for today is…A recent Indian wedding cost $73.5 million and is estimated to be the second most expensive ever. But the father of the bride was once in prison on what charges?

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