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Nov 23, 2016

Yesterday, we asked: Today marks the anniversary of JFK's assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald, according to the Warren Commission. In that same report, Oswald is alleged to have been the shooter in a failed assassination attempt just months earlier against a man whose politics were so contrary to those of Kennedy that the man was said to have helpe distribute flyers in Dallas on the day of his visit an assassination that read, "Wanted For Treason: JFK." Can you name this Kennedy political opponent who was also supposedly shot at by Oswald?

Answer: General Edwin Walker. Congrats to Craig Pittman for answering first, but we also want to give a very special honorable mention to Margo Howard who provided this incorrect but inspired answer: "Ted Cruz's father!"

Today's question of the day: In Vox's "Meats, Ranked" post above, "Duck" took the number one spot. In their blurb the writers referenced the famous French dish "Duck a l'Orange," but there's some contention about where the citrus fowl recipe truly originated. What country frequently takes credit for "Duck a l'Orange," claiming that it merely migrated to France years after its inception?

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