What an actual conspiracy looks like

Dec 06, 2016

The latest from Planet Trump

According to Politico's Tara Palmeri, Secret Service is being advertised as a hot "new amenity" at Trump Tower (7,000 shares).

"I love visiting New York but I'm in constant fear of being assassinated, if only there were a hotel- WAIT WHATS THIS," jokes VICE's Ben Craw.

"I like my amenities to be taxpayer funded, thanks!" tweets Slate's Julia Barton.

And finally, Joon Lee of the Ringer weighs in with this: "Advertising Secret Service as an amenity for your residential building is *definitely* not a conflict of interest." 

"He got up there and lied his ass off."

That's Carrier's union leader on Trump's big deal, writes Danielle Paquette of the Washington Post.

"Trump and Pence, they pulled a dog and pony show on the numbers," the union leader named Chuck Jones continues, telling the Post that of the 1,100 jobs Trump claimed to be preserving, 550 of those employees would actually be losing their job.

"Hoo boy," tweets Colin Jones of The Daily Beast. "Carrier's union boss is not exactly pleased with Trump."

"Get this dude on TV," adds Marcy Wheeler of The Intercept.

Meanwhile, one of the most retweeted items among journalists comes from Harry Reid's Deputy Chief of Staff Adam Jentleson: "This is what happens when the media credulously reports info spoon-fed by a man who settled a fraud suit for $25M."

"What an actual conspiracy looks like"

That's Matt Pearce of the Los Angeles Times weighing in on a report from the Washington Post's Bob Woodward that shows the Pentagon "Burying a report of $125 billion in waste because Congress might cut funding.""Pentagon has 1 million+ people in desk jobs to support 1.3 million troops," tweets the Post's Craig Whitlock who also contributed to the story.

"An interesting case study on just how hard it is to stop bureaucratic inertia," says Paul Monies of the Oklahoman.

And finally: "Remember the good old days of $640 toilet seats?" says the Post's Karen Tumulty.

In other news:

Weather.com to Breitbart: "Earth Is Not Cooling, Climate Change Is Real and Please Stop Using Our Video to Mislead Americans." Specifically, says Weather.com meteorologist Kait Parker, "Please stop using MY FACE to mislead Americans."

"Bob Dole worked behind the scenes for over 6 months to establish contact between Taiwanese officials & Donald Trump," tweets Yamiche Alcindor, linking to her New York Times colleagues' piece on the matter.

"Pence says Flynn Jr. is out of the mix, but source suggests he was, quite recently, very deeply involved," tweets CNN's Greg Krieg, linking to a piece from his outlet on the son of Trump's national security adviser who recently tweeted about the baseless #Pizzagate conspiracy.

"Boeing worried about how a trade war with China would affect its business," tweets Politico's Blake Hounsell as Robert Reed of the Chicago Tribune writes about how Boeing's CEO is awaiting Trump's play on the matter.

And finally, if you didn't already catch it, Christopher Suprin's New York Times op-ed "Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote For Donald Trump" is a must-read.


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