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Dec 08, 2016

Yesterday, we asked: Because we're on the topic of TIME's "Person of the Year," who is the youngest individual to ever receive the honor?

Answer: Charles Lindbergh at the age of 25. (Lindbergh was also the first person given this honor by TIME, way back in 1927). Congrats to Kevin Sniffen for answering first. Honorable mention goes to the New York Times' Letters editor Thomas Feyer who answered, "The computer, if it counts as an 'individual.'"

Your question of the day for today is… While we're on the subject of presidential approval ratings, since 1952 (the first year Gallup began measuring it) what president's approval rating dipped lower than anyone else's as it fell to 22%, despite the fact that at its peak his approval rating became the third highest approval high for a president at 87%?

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