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Dec 21, 2016

Yesterday, we asked: We mentioned Zangief (or, as shown above, ZanGIF) from the arcade and console gaming classic Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. What was his original, somewhat-culturally-insensitive name?

Answer: Vodka Gobalsky. Congrats to Craig Pittman (been a while, Craig!) for answering first. (Honorable mention goes to Dan Rosenbaum who notes that Zangief had another, less culturally insensitive earlier name, Red Cyclone).

Your question of the day for today is… Speaking of "Shazam," the real movie people were thinking of was "Kazaam" starring Shaquille O'Neal. Though not one of Shaq's finest Hollywood performances, the former Laker star has had a pretty solid crossover career as an actor, including a memorable appearance on HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm." In that episode, what does Larry David deliver to Shaq in the hospital as penance for tripping him on the court. (Larry, naturally, wanted to stretch out his legs).

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