Enough already, 2016

Dec 23, 2016

Early today, news broke that the Suspect in Berlin Attack Is Shot Dead in Milan, Police Say. Gaia Pianigiani reported that news in the New York Times.

Because this year is determined to suck until the last possible moment, Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher reportedly suffered a major heart attack on a flight from London to LA. Here’s a longer story on the matter from NBC News. From the LA Times (and reported in the AP), there’s word that paramedics were performing CPR on Fisher after the United Airlines flight landed in LA.

From The Advocate, we hear that Louisiana gave a *life sentence* to a guy who took $15 out of a police bait vehicle. Matt Pearce tweeted, “This is crazy.”

At Reuters, this exclusive: FBI probes FDIC hack linked to China's military. That from Dustin Volz and Jason Lange. Dustin tweeted: “Scoop: FBI has ongoing probe of multi-year hack at FDIC that began in 2010, Chinese military suspected.”

And North Carolina is no longer classified as a democracy. That from News & Observer reporter Andrew Reynolds.

Now for some good news: A New Ebola Vaccine Is Shown Highly Protective. Thanks for that, New York Times! Catherine Saint Louis went into detail: “300,000 doses of new experimental Ebola vaccine is highly protective & ready for next outbreak.” Rebekah White added, “Wanna know something cool about 2016? An Ebola vaccine was invented & so far it's 100% effective on humans.”

Trump updates (Trumpdates?)

We also woke up this morning to this tweet (shout out to Mika and Joe for doing the broadcast in their holiday jammies). PHOTO HERE

Onto the seriousness of this news - A tense new battle over nuclear arms that erupted between Donald Trump and his staff, Philip Bump wrote in the Washington Post. With knowledge on the matter, Philip Bump also tweeted this masterpiece about the development, “TRUMP: Gonna arms race. TEAM: Not what he meant. TRUMP: Arms. Race. TEAM: Hm, agree to disagree.” Grace Segers called the whole thing “A thoughtful interpretation of the various words spoken by the Trump team in the past 24 hours.”

For another take on the matter, here’s Sam Stein in the Huffington Post: Donald Trump Has A Theory On Nukes. His Team Has Several Others. Much like Philip above, reporting on this story inspired Sam to tweet a mini hypothetical dialogue between trump and his oft-beleaguered staff: “TRUMP: More nukes AIDE: He meant less nukes TRUMP: No, really, more nukes AIDE: We won’t have more nukes.” He added, “Trump may believe in strategic ambiguity. In this case, it could bring us closer to nuclear war.”

In case you’re not totally freaked out already, this tweet from Max Fisher should do the trick: “One reason the nuclear arms race ended: it almost sparked global annihilation in 1983, spooking the US and USSR.”

For some context, Annie Karni explains in Politico that Trump is writing his own White House rules. Glenn Thrush adds, “Forget the gold toilets. Trump is remaking WH inside-out, flouting custom and, possibly, the law.”

And there’s so much more: Trump team asked State Department for info on women’s issues programs, stoking fears of another witch hunt reads a headline from Josh Rogin in the Washington Post.

This Trump ‘friend’ and N.Y. campaign co-chair says he wants Obama dead of ‘mad cow disease’ in 2017.

And the Trump vineyard is seeking the Labor Department’s approval to hire foreign workers, writes Patricia Sullivan. Dave Clarke adds, “...experts call it a conflict.”

But wait, there’s more: The Wrap’s Itay Hod reports today that the Radio City Rockettes [Are] 'Embarrassed' Over Trump Inauguration Command Performance. Laurie Brookins ellabored: “Is @TheGarden boss James Dolan telling the @Rockettes anyone who doesn't perform at the inauguration will be fired?”

Elsewhere, this news via David Filipov at WaPo: Trump, Syria, hacking and terrorism in play as Russia’s Putin meets the press. David added on Twitter: “#Putin to Democratic Party: You lost, get over it.”

Upon news that Eric Trump will suspend operations of his charitable foundation, David Fahrenthold tweeted: “And here's the St. Jude website, where you can donate directly to the main cause @erictrump Fdn supports.”

In another tweet that’s making the rounds among journalists, Daniel Dale wrote, “Donald Trump angered the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America by sending Omarosa to meet with them,” alongside a screengrab of this piece from the LA Times.

And in the New York Times, a look into How the Obama Coalition Crumbled, Leaving an Opening for Trump courtesy of Nate Cohn. Michael Balter tweeted this quote from the piece: "It was clear from the start that Mrs. #Clinton was struggling to reassemble the Obama coalition." While Paul LaRosa explained, “Article outlines how FBI's Comey had no effect on her loss. People wanted an outsider. Period.”

And some shop talk to round out the week

Radio's Diane Rehm, A Mainstay Of Civil Discourse, Signs Off, according to NPR’s David Folkenflik. Phil Latzman writes, “Anyone who has ever hosted a public radio talk show has taken something from @drshow. Thanks for the lessons!” Eric Deggans adds, “Diane Rehm ends a 4-decade career in public radio today; David Folkenflik has a great interview with her.” And Mike Martinez tweeted simply: “#ThanksDiane - legend.”

In the Wall Street Journal, Laura Stevens airs this grievance on Festivus (thought we’d forgotten about it, didn’t ya?): Those Ads That Follow You Around the Internet Are Ruining Christmas. Laura added, “Thanks to targeted ads, shared accounts and tech-savvy children, it's getting difficult to keep Christmas surprises.” Geoffrey Rogow called it a “Friday Xmas truth bomb.” Ian Salisbury thinks “This story win's [sic] today.” Christina Passariello called it “A gift of an ahed.”

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