Jan 06, 2017

We begin today’s newsletter with tragic breaking news: Gunman Opened Fire at Fort Lauderdale Airport. That from Tom Winter at NBC News.

The latest from CNN is that 5 people are dead, another 13 injured, and the suspect is in custody.

Today in Trumpworld

So President-Elect Donald Trump Says the Focus on Russian Hacking Is a ‘Political Witch Hunt’, according to New York Times reporter Michael Shear.

Meanwhile, the U.S. intercepted capture senior Russian officials celebrating the Trump win.

And if you want more on the issue, here’s news that an Intel report says US identifies go-betweens who gave emails to WikiLeaks from CNN’s Evan Perez.

With this tweet, Frank Thorp tells us that the “Senate Intel Cmte just announced and OPEN hearing next Tuesday on Russian Intelligence Activities. The big names will be there.”

CNN’s sources tell Manu Raju and Deirdre Walsh that Trump will ask Congress, not Mexico, to pay for border wall.

But wait, cause Gen. James N. Mattis is now clashing with Trump’s transition team over Pentagon staffing, says Josh Rogin at the Washington Post.

In more turmoil: we now know that Former CIA director James Woolsey quit the Trump transition team thanks to Philip Rucker at the Washington Post.

Maybe that’s all because there’s One administration, two styles: Trump the brawler and Pence the cajoler, as Robert Costa explains in the Washington Post.

And yes, Donald Trump's Twitter Account Is A Security Disaster Waiting To Happen, write BuzzFeed’s Joseph Bernstein.

For proof, just look at this back and forth Trump had with Arnold Schwarzenegger on Twitter over “The Apprentice.”

Or read Michelle Ye Hee Lee’s What Trump got wrong on Twitter this week in the Washington Post.

And lest we forget another problem for our president-elect, there’s his debts which are Widely Held on Wall Street, Creating New Potential Conflicts according to Jean Eaglesham and Lisa Schwartz at the Wall Street Journal.

What’s up with the Democrats?

Clinton vs. de Blasio for New York Mayor? Unlikely Idea Has People Talking is a piece from J. David Goodman, Amy Chozick at the New York Times that’ll have you thinking. Josh Dawsey admitted, “Rarely does a story leave me speechless these days. And yet this one did!” Gabriel Debenedetti was less enthused: “It's an odd-numbered year, so someone somewhere thinks it's a great idea for Hillary Clinton to be mayor of NYC.” David Sirota shared Gabriel’s sentiment, "’Let's make up a political story with no actual facts or evidence, just a desire to get clicks’ - NYT editors.” While Carrie Melago had another thought, “He shoulda endorsed sooner!”

In other Democratic politics news, Elizabeth Warren announces she’s running for re-election. That news from Matt Viser at the Boston Globes. According to Matt, the senator told supporters, "This is no time to quit.”

And Obama’s Ambassadors Were Told to Quit Posts by Inauguration Day, writes Julie Davis at the New York Times.

Weekend reading

Make sure you check out the New Yorker’s Selection of the 30 Most Disappointing Under 30, by Bess Kalb. Julia Macfarlane urged, “I really should be on this list.” Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke tweeted this bit from the piece: “David Saperstein, 26 Shared an article about fatalities in Syria accompanied by the comment ‘So many feels.’”

And in less happy news, the New York Times has Snapshots of an Epidemic: A Look at the Opioid Crisis Across the Country.

Also check out Dion Nissenbaum’s account of Detained in Turkey: A Journal Reporter’s Story in the Wall Street Journal. Gary Rosen called it “a taste of what Turkish media now face.” While Warren Bass tweeted, “Our own @DionNissenbaum's personal account of being jailed amid the ongoing media crackdown in Turkey.”

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