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Yesterday, we asked: A few of you answered "the porn industry" in response to our last question so hey why not let's make it the topic of today's question: According to Pornhub's most recent, er, probe of Planet Earth's porn habits, which country's inhabitants spent the longest amount of time per site visit? (Hint: It's not the U.S. – we clocked in at number 3).

Answer: The Philippines. Congrats to Craig Pittman for answering first. Honorable mention goes to former Guardian reporter Jack Schofield.

Today's question is... As journalists and investigators alike try to separate truth and fiction surrounding the explosive but unverified claims in a dossier about Donald Trump this week, it's been revealed that Michael Cohen, Trump's lawyer whom the dossier places in Prague for a secret meeting with Russians, may be the victim of mistaken identity. Czech agents say a man named Michael Cohen was indeed in Prague around the date in question, but that it's a different Michael Cohen, not Trump's lawyer.

It just so happens that a nearly identical thing happened over a decade earlier during another era marked by unverified but supposedly explosive reports: The run-up to the Iraq War. What infamous man was mistakenly said to have been in Prague meeting with Iraqi spies in 2000, when in reality it was a different man with the same name who was in the city?

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