Talk about American carnage...

Jan 23, 2017

Trump brings his "applaudocrats" to the CIA

That's how ProPublica's Tracy Weber characterizes the latest big story from CBS News' Jeff Pegues whose sources tell him that, contrary to initial reports, Trump's visit with the CIA over the weekend made his relations with the intel community "worse."

"Donald Trump brought three rows of supporters to cheer while he spoke to the CIA, sources tell @CBSNews," tweets Chris Megerian of the Los Angeles Times.

"CBS confirms Trump brought cheering props to CIA visit. Intel ppl 'stunned' and 'offended by the president's tone,'" says The New Yorker's Ben Taub.

USA Today's Taylor Maycan points out that the report contradicts Sean Spicer's claims to journalists in yet another falsehood spread by the president's press secretary over the past couple days: ".@PressSec repeats claims that CIA staff enthusiastically received Trump. CBS reports that's not true."

And finally, RedEye Chicago's Josh Terry repeats a phrase that's practically become a mantra in these post-Trump times: "This is fine."

More on the #alternativefacts beat

In addition to demonstrably false claims made about the crowd size at Trump's inauguration, Press Secretary Sean Spicer is taking heat from journalists for yet another falsehood. According to the Washington Post's Christopher Ingraham, "Spicer says there's been a 'dramatic expansion of the federal workforce in recent years.' This is unequivocally false.."

"This would be a good time for D.C. press to check Sean Spicer's resume, to see what lies he concocted for that," tweets Tom Petruno of the Los Angeles Times.

"The White House spokesman Sean Spicer seems to have made a statement today that is unsupported by the facts," says Jonathan Kendall of the Miami New Times.

And finally, Peter Montgomery of RightWingWatch calls it, "Today's #alternativefacts from Spicer & #Trumpistan."

In other news

"Huge story," tweets Lawfare's Susan Hennessey in reponse to a Wall Street Journal report stating that "The current National Security Advisor (Michael Flynn) is under counterintelligence investigation for ties to Russia."

The Huffington Post's Amanda Terkel reports that Donald Trump has signed an anti-abortion executive order surrounded by—you guessed it—other men. "As long as you live you'll never see a photograph of 7 women signing legislation about what men can do with their reproductive organs," tweets Martin Belam of The Guardian.

"Looking for a Spanish version of Ya no existe," tweets Ed O'Keefe of the Washington Post, who links to his own story about how after the Trump administration took over, promptly went dark.

"Amen," tweets NBC NewsKaty Tur in response to Margaret Sullivan's latest Washington Post column, "The traditional way of reporting on a president is dead. And Trump's press secretary killed it."

"Sorry sorry sorry." That's the response from the New York Times freelancer who wrote a much-ridiculed story about fathers during the Women's Marches around the country, reports The Huffington Post's Emily Peck.

"Lawsuit to be filed Monday will say Trump is violating the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause," tweets the New York TimesMatthew Haag, linking to his colleagues' report on foreign payments made to Trump firms.

And finally, a thoroughly alarming stat from the Washington Post's David Himmelstein: "Repealing the Afforable Care Act will kill more than 43,000 people annually." Bloomberg's James Greiff tweets, "Talk about American carnage..."

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