Question of the Day

Yesterday we asked: On February 1, 1953, a TV show premiered that reenacted historical events in the format of a news report. What was the name of the show, and who was the host?

Answer: "You Are There," hosted by Walter Cronkite

Congrats to CNN's David Daniel, who answered first, with an honorable mention going to Maureen MacGregor, a self-described "PR techie."

The question of the day for today is... Last week, the brilliant British actor John Hurt passed away. Known for iconic roles in Alien, 1984, The Elephant Man, Watership Down, Midnight Express, Snowpiercer, and countless other critical and popular favorites, his last credited role will be Joe Wright's Winston Churchill biopic, Darkest Hour. Which real-life historical figure does Hurt portray? (Hint: It's not Churchill).

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