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Feb 27, 2017

Yesterday we asked: Beyoncé just pulled out of headlining Coachella this year because her doctors said it’s not safe for the twins. Who was the last woman to headline the music festival? Bonus points if you tell us what year.  

Answer: Bjork was last female headliner, topping the bill a decade ago in 2007. She also headlined in 2002.

Congrats to Elana Meredith who was first in with the correct artist and year. Honorable mention to Robin Tierney, who also had the only plausible explanation for this ten-year gap: "For Coachella, the ladies need creative costuming."

Your question of the day for today is… Who gave the longest acceptance speech (clocking in at five-and-a-half minutes) in Oscar history?  Extra credit if you tell us what award it was and for what film.

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