Make America Dumber and Meaner

Glenn Thrush of The New York Times takes a look at the president’s budget cut plans in Donald Trump Budget Slashes Funds for E.P.A. and State Department (25,000+ shares), and Paula Froelich says, “Donald Trump Budget Slashes (reads like a war on poor people and the lower middle class).” Thrush tweets, “Trump Budget #1: Deadly for EPA, State, foreign food programs, HUD -- but ‘dead-on-arrival.’" As Charles Ornstein notes, “But GOP leaders declare major elements DOA.” Nora Caplan-Bricker says it’s “pretty incredible that *even Pruitt* reportedly wants more funding at the EPA than the Trump budget will contain.” And with the planned State Department cuts, Noah Barkin says, “Forget journalists, soon Tillerson himself may not be able to go on trips.” Josh Rogin finds the “Buried lede, Trump's budget would make Amtrak worse, if that's possible.”

At the Washington Post, Kim Soffen and Denise Lu also break down the planned budget cuts in their piece, Trump budget cuts: U.S. federal funding 2018. Says Matthew Hall, “Super helpful description and visual representation from @washingtonpost.” James Woods gives us a TL;DR version: “If you hate humans and science, but love bombs and surveillance, then this is the budget for you!” And Jay Yarow does some complex math for us: “Trump’s budget for Arts and Culture: $0.” Seth Stevenson sums it up this way: “Trump's proposed budget = Make America Dumber and Meaner.”

Making the World Flat Again

But wait, there’s more. Patrick Tucker's suggested slogan is referring to Joel Achenbach's piece in the Washington Post, Trump’s budget calls for seismic disruption in medical and science research, which prompted Laura Helmuth to tweet, “Good morning and brace yourself...Welp. Golden age of US science was fun while it lasted. Good luck, China. Handing the baton to you.” She adds, “Who needs the Chemical Safety Board, anyway? Oh, wait...maybe people who care about hazardous industrial accidents.”

And Stephanie Simon's piece for STAT highlights how the budget plan will slash biomedical and science research funding. To keep track, Dylan Scott refers you to “Our running start on what Trump’s budget would mean for health and medicine. It will be updated.”

Meanwhile, “While the Feds consider cutting public radio $,” as Al Tompkins points out, NPR ratings are at an all-time high. “That's right. Mic drop. Boom,” tweets Aarti Shahani.

Cue Twitter tantrum in 3, 2, 1…

As Laura Jarrett reports for CNN, a federal judge in Hawaii has temporarily blocked the new Trump travel ban (36,000+ shares). Says Leonard Pitts Jr., “Cue Twitter tantrum in 3, 2, 1…” Gideon Resnick points to “Trump inadvertently confirming here one of the very reasons why the new one was blocked,” highlighting Trump’s statement, “The order he blocked was a watered-down version of the first one.” Or, as Glenn Thrush puts it, “Doh: By saying 2nd EO is 'watered down' and he preferred 1st- Trump is making immigrant lawyers' case for ill intent.” He had help, though. Many have been retweeting this, from @pourmecoffee: “Everyone pause to give a slow clap for Stephen Miller, strategic genius, giving court reason to strike down White House travel ban,” which highlighted Miller’s statement, “Fundamentally, you’re still going to have the same basic policy outcome.”


“Big scoop from @liliebayer - Hungarian Neo-Nazi group says Sebastian Gorka is a sworn member," tweets Cole Stangler of the piece by Lili Bayer and Larry Cohler-Esses in the Forward, EXCLUSIVE: Nazi-Allied Group Claims Top Trump Aide Sebastian Gorka As Sworn Member. And, Michael Weiss notes, “He hasn't denied it.” Ben Smith calls it an “Amazing @jdforward scoop.” Says Carl Prine, “Who among us has never pledged lifelong obedience to a Hungarian Nazi organization? Exactly.” So, to recap, “yeeeeeesh,” says Gideon Resnick.

Don't miss the Christy Turlington cameo

Jason Leopold tweets, “@BuzzFeedNews I-Team is killing it! Trump's Atty Launched An Offshore Casino--And Left A Wake Of Angry Creditors.” The piece, by BuzzFeed’s Anthony Cormier and Chris McDaniel, reveals, as Leopold notes, “Michael Cohen said he didn’t have a stake in the casino biz. But BuzzFeed News then sent him docs with his signature.” Says Ariel Kaminer, “This story about Trump's lawyer is way more fun than it has a right to be. Don't miss the Christy Turlington cameo.” As Adam Playford tweets, “@acormier_bzfd's first BuzzFeed investigation's got gambling boats, mobsters & Trump's lawyer. How can u NOT click?”


There may be corgis

“Extraordinary, fascinating levels of detail,” says Caspar Smith of Sam Knight's piece in The Guardian, Operation London Bridge: the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death. Adds Jonathan Freedland, “This @gdnlongread by @samknightwrites is a terrific piece of writing.” In it, we learn details such as this, highlighted by Cameron Atfield, “The incredible thing in this is that they knocked off King George V so it could make the Times' printing deadline.” And from Ben Bloom: “Fascinating piece on what happens when the Queen dies. If during Royal Ascot or Lord's Test, they will be scrapped.” Notes Trey Graham, “Among the arcane details of the plans for the Queen's death: ‘There may be corgis.’"

Gene Wilder > Geert Wilders

In her piece for The New York Times, Geert Wilders Falls Short as Wary Dutch Scatter Their Votes (15,000+ shares), Alissa J. Rubin reveals that “In a test of populism, Geert Wilders's party gained seats, but many Dutch voters rejected his views.” “How does one say ‘Yay! Down with Bigots!’ in Dutch? asks Wendi Winters, while Josh Greenman states the obvious: “Gene Wilder > Geert Wilders.”

RIP Bill Walsh

#BikeDC lost a good one today.” Andrew Heining is referring to the obit by Adam Bernstein in the Washington Post for Bill Walsh, the Washington Post copy editor, author and “witty authority on language” who also ran the editing and grammar website The Slot. “So sad to read about Bill Walsh dying. He was a great copy editor, a great advocate for cycling in DC, just great,” says Benjamin R. Freed. Tweets Tauhid Chappell, “RIP @TheSlot. He was the go-to person in our newsroom if you had any questions about grammar and style.” And John Schwartz finds “Tucked into this obit of great WaPo copyeditor Bill Walsh, a stirring paean to the craft.”

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