How Prologis uses Muck Rack to achieve their goals

How Prologis uses Muck Rack to achieve their goals

“If you like collaboration and saving time, Muck Rack will be a great asset.”

-Rachel Klinkatsis, Communications Specialist at Prologis

Learn how Prologis, an S&P 500 company and the global leader in industrial logistics real estate, uses Muck Rack to:

  • Find specialized and highly-relevant industry news with alerts.
  • Complete projects in the most timely way possible.
  • Search for and connect with top tier media.

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Rachel Klinkatsis, a Prologis communications specialist, shares her experience and results using the platform.  We sat down with Rachel to find out the answers to these five fast questions.

Five Fast Questions with Rachel Klinkatsis

1. Tell us about some of Prologis’ major communication goals.

One of my many goals at Prologis is to make sure our executives are fully informed with news about our company, as well as industry trends. That’s why I love Muck Rack alerts; having highly-relevant news sent to my inbox in real time helps me to efficiently compile a report that senior leadership can put to use.

2. What are your favorite aspects of Muck Rack?

No doubt, Alerts and Coverage Reports. I also love using the Who Shared My Link bookmarklet to easily add second-hand search clips directly to my Coverage Report.

3. If you had to explain how you use Muck Rack to someone in a 140-character tweet or a 10-second Snapchat story, what would you say?

I would take a picture of me giving a thumbs up next to one of my completed Daily News Clips, write “DONE” with the time stamp.

4. How would you describe your experience with Muck Rack in three words?

Scrappy, collaborative and tech-savvy.

5. What would your job be like if you didn’t have Muck Rack?

I would be doing the same thing at work, but it would take me way longer. I would not have any free time in the morning to do anything besides the Daily News Clips. More importantly, the summary wouldn’t be the best product analysis that my executives receive today.

Curious to learn more about how Prologis uses Muck Rack? Click here to download the full case study.


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