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Reuters reporters Stephen Adler, Jeff Mason, and Steve Holland did an interview with President Donald Trump and here are a few things they found out:

Amid all the Reuters alerts, Politico’s Philip Shenon still wondered: Will Trump Release the Missing JFK Files? Blake Hounshell explained: “Trump faces a momentous decision: whether to allow the release of 3,600 secret JFK assassination files.”

Washington Post’s Karen DeYoung takes you inside Trump’s sudden shift on NAFTA with this quote: “I was all set to terminate.”

At the New York Times, Julie Davis and Patricia Cohen report that Trump’s Tax Plan Would Shift Trillions From U.S. Coffers to the Richest.

And Vox’s Matthew Yglesias writes that Donald Trump’s first 100 days have been a moneymaking success story.

News potpourri

Meanwhile, the U.S. Economy Grew at a 0.7% Rate in the First Quarter of 2017, Nelson D. Schwartz tells us in the New York Times. Michael Tackett tweeted this quote from the story: "The growth was a sharp decline from the 2.1 percent annual rate recorded in the final quarter of last year." Anthony De Rosa boiled it down to: “Trump's first real economic indicator is flaccid.”

Myles Garrett will be the Browns pick at No. 1, multiple sources tell’s Mary Cabot.

Over in London, there’s news that Mayor Sadiq Khan is scrapping the garden bridge across the Thames, according to The Guardian’s Peter Walker. Walker explained on Twitter: “It's goodbye to the Garden Bridge - Sdiq Khan has withdrawn guarantees, meaning it's doomed.” Isabella Kaminski called it, “Good news.” Matthew Partridge added, “Common sense prevails at last!”

Media alert

As we are 1 day away from President Trump’s 100 days in office, Margaret Sullivan writes in the Washington Post: After 100 days, the media are still embarrassing themselves covering Trump. Just not as much.

Brian Stelter at CNN found out that former Fox News staffers were interviewed in a federal investigation of the network.

Emily Steel opened up to Marie Claire about Outing Bill O'Reilly's Sexual Harassment at Fox News. And Kaitlin Menza wrote that story. Sydney Ember gushed: “I already think she's incredible, but now you, too, can meet the amazing @emilysteel.” Ryan Teague Beckwith added, “Meet the woman who took Bill O’Reilly down.”

Alex Emmons at The Intercept writes that Formerly Imprisoned Journalist Barrett Brown Was Taken Back Into Custody Before A PBS Interview. Glenn Greenwald tweeted: “Here's our story on the outrageous re-arrest of journalist Barrett Brown for the crime of giving interviews.”

Over in Australia, Michael Koziol writes that there’s news that police illegally obtained this journalist's phone records under a new metadata retention regime. Julie Posetti added, “Australia's Federal Police admit illegally accessing a journalist's metadata, risking source confidentiality.”


Uber's self-driving car boss, Anthony Levandowski, is stepping aside amid legal fight with Waymo. Biz Carson found that out for Business Insider. Carson added, “To be clear: Levandowski will remain at Uber — Just no longer leading ATG or working on Lidar.”

The Onion’s take on F8 (the Facebook summit that’s been going on seemingly forever) is this: Mark Zuckerberg Touts Complete Lack Of Cannibalism On Facebook Live So Far. Nick Baumann tweeted this quote from the story; "Jeffrey Dahmer was live."

And for a piece of real news (that might not be out of place in The Onion either), Olivia Solon writes at The Guardian, Facebook admits: governments exploited us to spread propaganda. David Gilbert explains: “Facebook details how disinformation are run on its platform. It suspended 30,000 accounts before French election.” Hugo Rifkind added, “Vital step but not nearly good enough. Which governments? When? Saying what? Trump? Brexit? What?” And toomas hendrik ilves tweeted: “This too is big... very.”

Weekend reads

The very fancy and very expensive Fyre Festival Has Turned Into A Total Shitshow And The Rich People There Are Livid, writes Tamerra Griffin at BuzzFeed. And you definitely want to see the expectation vs. reality photos.

And ESPN writer Royce Young posted this heart-wrenching piece on Medium: We spent months bracing and preparing for the death of our daughter. Young also tweeted: “Wrote something about the birth and death of my daughter, Eva Grace Young, and the difference she's gonna make.”

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