Muck Rack’s monthly top picks: 5 links we loved in May

Muck Rack’s monthly top picks: 5 links we loved in May

For many, this time of year means new beginnings: from the kickoff to graduation season to the unofficial start of summer. Start your month right with these top PR/journalism links from around the web.

Take a look at what’s trending and stick around to read the top five stories from the Muck Rack blog.

Links we loved

1. How to research journalists before they research you (and your CEO): PR pros may spend hours working on a single pitch and press release, but are they investing just as much energy into researching the right reporters to cover it? In this article, Paul Maccabee offers the “Why?” and the “How?” for doing the research and getting it right. (P.S. Muck Rack’s CEO Gregory Galant is quoted!)

2. Twitter tops Snapchat - among journalists at least: It’s no secret that Snapchat is taking younger generations by storm, giving the social network a market cap worth nearly twice as much as Twitter. But in a survey conducted by Muck Rack, 70% of journalists indicated they see value in Twitter and a whopping none said they saw value in Snapchat. Read a synopsis of the data and see what else journalists had to say in this article on Forbes.

3. 6 red flags from prospective PR clients: Getting a new client is exciting, and who wants to turn down new work? But sometimes a client just isn’t a good fit for your business. Follow these six guidelines from Maris Callahan to make sure you don’t end up in a bad relationship.

4. 10 ways to connect with absolutely anyone you meet: Networking is a necessary evil of life in the communications industry. If you’re one of the many who struggle with finding the right topic of conversation, read through these tips from Deep Patel before your next event.

5. A reporter’s take on ‘liberal media bias’: In today’s heated political climate, one of the most common complaints leveraged against the media is the idea of a liberal bias. But do people really want ‘unbiased’ news or are they simply avoiding dissonant opinions? Hear reporter Kara Hackett’s thoughts on this growing trend.

Top Posts from the Muck Rack Blog

1. CBS veteran Bob Schieffer answers a gloomy question: When will print newspapers die? By John Egan

2. Case study: How CTA uses Muck Rack to achieve their goals by Ted Schwinden

3. Straight from the journalist’s mouth: 10 tips to help you with your media outreach by Michelle Garrett

4. How PR pros can get more backlinks in their media efforts by Anna Lebedeva

5. PR is stressful! Experts weigh in on beating work overwhelm by Meredith L. Eaton

Did we miss anything? Share your favorite PR and journalism links from the month of May in the comments below. Tip us off to other great posts for future link roundups by emailing our managing editor at

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