We’ll always have Paris...oh wait nevermind

Ok so yes, Trump said Thursday that the U.S. will withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

 The New York Times called it Our Disgraceful Exit From the Paris Accord. “This says it all: the Liar-in-Chief has a new slogan: America Worst,” Philip Hersh tweeted. “Maybe if they renamed it the Paris-Trump Accord he’d be more interested in helping the future of humanity,” Stuart Elliott suggested. And Lindsay Cohen laid it out clearly: “The @NYTimes [is] not mincing words today.”  

Elsewhere in the Times, David Sanger and Jane Perlez offer analysis on what this means for the rest of the world: Trump Hands the Chinese a Gift: The Chance for Global Leadership. On China's terms. How D Trump strengthened Beijing's -- not Russia's -- international agenda. A cautionary growl,” Suzanne Sataline explained.

Reuters, via Emily Flitter, wrote that Trump misunderstood MIT climate research, according to university officials. “Today @POTUS said agreement would have "negligible" impact on temp by 2100. Authors of study he cited say he's wrong,” Flitter added on Twitter.

Apparently, he “stayed where he’s always been” - that’s what Michael Birnbaum at the Washington Post got when he tried to go Inside Trump’s climate decision

For a fact-check on President Trump’s claims regarding the Paris climate change deal, check out Michelle Ye Hee Lee at the Washington Post.

How’s everybody feeling?

The effects seem immediate

In more realistic terms, the Tampa Bay Times points out that Hurricane season started with nobody in charge at FEMA or NOAA. “What could go wrong?” Michael Van Sickler tweeted.

And farther south, a massive crack in the Antartica ice shelf grew 11 miles in only 6 days, according to Doyle Rice at USA Today.

Unrelated to the environment

A Revitalized Pittsburgh doesn’t like that the President Used a Rusty Metaphor. Although that’s really not the main criticism Trump is getting today, it’s still got people feeling a certain way.

Spencer Ackerman at the Daily Mail reports that The White House’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Man (aka Stephen Miller) is Pushing for Even More Power.

White House issued a bunch of waivers to its staff yesterday excusing aides from any past work that may be in direct conflict with their new official duties. Well, today, the New York Times says those waivers May Have Violated Ethics Rules. “There is no such thing as a retroactive waiver,” one source told Steve Eder and Eric Lipton. “Just Posted: Those Ethics Waivers. They might have been unethical​. I'm serious,” Lipton added on Twitter.

In another instance of the Trump Effect (or how Trump’s presidency is affecting us all), BuzzFeed’s Joseph Bernstein reports that a A Pro-Trump Writer Just Sued A Fusion Reporter For Accusing Her Of Making A ‘White Supremacist’ Gesture. “Scoop: Pro-Trump writer @CassandraRules has sued @Fusion’s @emmaroller for defamation over ‘white supremacist’ tweet,” Bernstein tweeted.

Quick Russia check-in

Nigel Farage is a 'person of interest' in the FBI’s investigation into Trump and Russia, Stephanie Kirchgaessner, Nick Hopkins, and Luke Harding found out at The Guardian.

The Explanations for Jared Kushner’s meeting with the head of Kremlin-linked bank don’t match up, Tom Hamburger writes in the Washington Post.

Michael Isikoff at Yahoo breaks down How the Trump administration’s secret efforts to ease Russia sanctions fell short. He explained in a tweet, “In Jan., the Trump WH began secret effort 2 lift Russia sanctions. SD officials moved quickly to block them.”

And for the cherry on top of this section, Vladimir Putin Hinted at the Russian Role in Hacking of U.S. Election. That from Andrew Higgins at the New York Times.

Wow. What else will happen over the weekend?

Jobby job jobs

From America’s current jobs report: “Just 138K new jobs, and a downward revision to last month. No wage acceleration. Mediocre report,” Joe Weisenthal wrote. Or as Bloomberg put it: Slower Hiring, Lower Unemployment Offer Mixed U.S. Labor Signs. Better luck next month!

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