Question of the Day

Yesterday we asked: In 1991, the NHL held its first outdoor game—an exhibition game between the LA Kings and the New York Rangers—in Las Vegas. What unusual visitors joined the action late in the third period?

Answer: Hordes of grasshoppers and black flies swarmed the ice, thinking it was water. As Wayne Gretzky said, “You had to be careful because you could skate on a fly and get hurt.” (Also seems worth mentioning that it wasn’t so safe for the bugs either, since they ended up freezing to death.)

This time, congrats go to David Daniel, who was first to tweet the correct answer. Honorable mention goes to Dan Tynan, who was oh-so-close with his answer, "has to be either penguins or hookers. or hookers dressed like penguins. what do I win?" 

Your question of the day for today is…Police in Vail, Colorado, are warning homeowners to bear-proof their homes after a bear was caught on a resident's security video doing what?

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