Food news

In "a stunning move to increase its growing grocery business," Amazon is buying WholeFoods for $13.7 billion, according to Roger Yu at USA Today. “And prepare for a major change in the grocery game,”  Brian Smith added.

Back to Trump

To recap, the special counsel is indeed investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice, per Sari Horwitz at the Washington Post.

And even Trump finally Acknowledged That He Is Under Investigation in the Russia Inquiry via his favorite medium: Twitter. It reads a little something like this: "I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt."  

Speaking of Trump, The Daily News’s Greg Smith says he just chose a family event planner to run N.Y.’s housing programs. Bradd Jaffy pointed out this person is “his son's wedding planner, who has no housing experience, to run NY federal housing programs.” Might have guessed that last bit.

For one last piece of Trump news to see you into the weekend, He Will Now Allow ‘Dreamers’ to Stay in U.S., which, you might already have thought to yourself, is indeed a reversal from his campaign promise. Michael Shear wrote that up for the New York Times.  

More Trump

Now let’s talk about the people who work for Trump, or who work around him. Whatever they do, they’re there. First there’s a look at Pence’s balancing act as Trump’s No. 2, which Ashley Parker writes in the Washington Post is showing signs of strain amid WH turmoil,. “@VP Pence team looking to hire a strategist specifically to protect Pence from Russia fallout,” Christina Wilkie tweeted.

Also from the Post, news that Pence hired outside counsel to deal with those Russia probe inquiries. 

Then we move on to the Trump Transition Team, which Ordered Former Aides to Preserve Russia-Related Materials, according to the New York Times’ Adam Goldman, Julie Davis, and Matthew Rosenberg.  

“Another WaPo SCOOP” from Sari Horwitz (as Lori Montgomery called it): This time, it’s an update that the special counsel is also investigating Jared Kushner’s business dealings.  

Ok but wait, cause the plot thickens: According to Mike Levine, Pierre Thomas at ABC News, the Deputy Attorney General privately acknowledged he may now need to recuse himself from the Russia probe. Which, wow. "Rosenstein is keenly aware that he could become a potential witness in the investigation," MaryAlice Parks tweeted from the article.

International intrique

Speaking of Russia, BuzzFeed reports that there were 14 Suspected Hits On British Soil That The Government Ignored. “Yikes. Russian assassins are suspected of killing 14 people on UK soil — while the British government stayed silent,” Chris McDaniel tweeted.

Olivia Solon at The Guardian revealed that Facebook exposed identities of moderators to suspected terrorists.

The fire in London

BuzzFeed’s James Ball clears up that No, There Isn't A "D-Notice" Banning The Media From Reporting Details Of The Grenfell Fire. “Disgusted that I needed to write this. Peddling untrue conspiracies after tragedy just for clicks is utter trash,” Ball added on Twitter.

Speaking of covering the fire, A Sun journalist apparently 'impersonated a Grenfell Tower victim's relative at the hospital' to get an interview, Mark Sweney writes at The Guardian. “Fucking hell. Just when you think they can't get any worse,” Alex Finnis tweeted.

In other news about the fire, the manufacturer of the cladding on Grenfell Tower has been identified as Omnis Exteriors, according to Rob Davies at The Guardian. “Suppliers confirm the expensive cladding is called 'fire resistant.’” Dan Sabbagh tweeted. “Cladding for Grenfell Tower was cheaper, more flammable option, supplier confirms,” Dina Medland added.

Our healthcare kerfuffle

"I’ve covered Obamacare since day one. I’ve never seen lying and obstruction like this," is the headline of Sarah Kliff’s piece in Vox. “Here's what worries @sarahkliff about the secret health care bill strategy,” Laura McGann tweeted. While Barbara Feder Ostrov called it a “Must read.”

Vox also asked 8 Senate Republicans to explain what their health bill is trying to do. “The answers are pretty stunning,” Sarah Kliff promises.

And your weekend media read

The Gawker/Peter Thiel feud is alive and kicking, as J. K. Trotter at Gizmodo (the new parent company following the bankruptcy of writes: Someone Is Trying to Discredit the Story of Peter Thiel’s Interest in Young Blood. Cue the *dun dun dunnn*. “The receipts are here,” Silvia Killingsworth tweeted. Elizabeth Lopatto thinks it “remarkable...that Sarah Buhr still has a job after this.” And Susie Cagle explained, “This does a lot to undermine years of effort by TechCrunch to convince us they're not a PR project for the Valley.”

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