Special FFS today

As Patrick Lalley says, “Hu-boy.” NPR Tweeted Out The Entire Declaration Of Independence And Some Trump Supporters Were Offended (68,000+ shares). That’s BuzzFeed’s Julia Reinstein, sharing a few of the more outraged tweets in response to actual lines from the Declaration of Independence. Among other things, the Declaration was called “propaganda,” “trash” and “horeschit” (sic). For more, check out the compilation from Raw Story’s Elizabeth Preza‘Calling for a revolution!’: Trump fans ‘triggered’ after NPR tweets out the Declaration of Independence (131,000+ shares). “Special FFS today. Trump fans freak when @NPR tweets Declaration of Independence,” says Karen Wickre. And Julia Reinhart tweets, “We truly live in a post-IQ world.” Happy birthday, America!

In other Independence Day news, At parades and protests, GOP lawmakers get earful about health care, writes the Washington Post’s David Weigel. He tweets, “Only a handful of GOP senators appeared at parades today; mostly people told them to vote no on BCRA.” And Rob Crilly notes, “Top fact: More senators went to Afghanistan than held a townhall meeting during the recess.”

What's the word...

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant,” tweets Matt Ford. CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski reveals How CNN found the Reddit user behind the Trump wrestling GIF (45,000+ shares). “Tough, anonymous internet racist becomes immediately supine when his identity is discovered,” is how Adam Serwer headlines it. But “CNN protects this guy’s identity, unless he misbehaves? Wow,” says Mike Lafferty. And John Patrick Pullen says, “Uh, this isn't journalism CNN. It’s... gosh, what’s the word... extortion?” Tweets Marc Fisher, “The height of media arrogance: CNN hides the name of the creator of the meme Trump used to bash CNN.”

Validate me!

As he embarks on his second foreign trip, Aides’ Biggest Worry on Trump’s Europe Trip: A Meeting With Putin, report Julie Davis and Glenn Thrush in The New York Times. Choice quote: “Two people close to Mr. Trump said they expected the men to bond over their disdain for ‘fake news.’” Tweets Davis, “Trump's 1st foreign trip offered escape from woes at home; this week's thrusts him into maelstrom w Putin at center.” And Thrush says, “Trump's aides are worried about the Putin meeting. He's bummed about seeing Merkel, per sources.”

But as AP’s Vivian Salama and Ken Thomas note, Trump looks for friendlier European welcome in Poland. “Man and people think millennials are the ones who need constant validation,” observes Elise Foley.

The real fake news

Rick O'Shea advises, “Again, nothing to see here. Carry on...” Nevertheless, here’s what The Guardian’s Julian Borger is reporting: Investigators explore if Russia colluded with pro-Trump sites during US election. He writes, “Investigators are looking into whether Trump supporters and far-right websites coordinated with Moscow over the release of fake news, including stories implicating Clinton in murder or paedophilia, or paid to boost those stories on Facebook.”

Perhaps the ultimate in lawyering-up

Peter J. Henning is referring to All the President’s Lawyers, by Jonathan Mahler for The New York Times Magazine. Tweets Mahler, “If nothing else, the Trump presidency was going to involve a lot of Trump Lawyers. I examine the species in @nytmag.” Susan Dominus says, “@jonathanmahler's intrepid and fascinating look at a particular species known as the Trump lawyer; read to the end.” “Atticus Finch, they are not. great piece by @jonathanmahler,” tweets Steven Erlanger.

Meanwhile, “Mueller's team has grown to 15, per @mattzap who has some new names, including anti-terror prosecutor Zainab Ahmad,” tweets Rosalind Helderman, of Matt Zapotosky’s new piece in the Washington Post, As Mueller grows his Russia special counsel team, every hire is under scrutiny.

On the “what if?” question...

Tyler Cowen links to In North Korea, ‘Surgical Strike’ Could Spin Into ‘Worst Kind of Fighting’, by The New York Times’ Motoko Rich. Tweets the Times, “Over decades, the Pentagon drafted multiple war plans for North Korea. But military options are grimmer than ever.” Sarah Posner says, “This piece is, as a whole, terrifying. Add Trump + Twitter and…”

And… "After exactly no attempts at diplomacy, the Trump administration tells North Korea it is prepared to go to war,” tweets Neil King, referring to U.S. Tells North Korea It Is Prepared to Go to War, by The Wall Street Journal’s Jonathan ChengSean McLain asks, “Do you think Lockheed takes Amex? Asking for a friend who's in the market for their own personal THAAD.”


“Today's big news on electric cars: Volvo to end use of combustion engines,” tweets Stephen Wilmot. The Wall Street Journal’s William Boston reports that Volvo Plans to Go Electric, to Abandon Conventional Car Engine by 2019, as the company’s president and chief executive Hakan Samuelsson reiterates the target of selling one million electric cars and hybrids by 2025. “Pretty extraordinary,” says Andrew Peaple. “ELECTRIC SLIDE,” tweets Ed Forbes. For more, Jack Ewing has the story for The New York Times, Volvo, Betting on Electric, Moves to Phase Out Conventional Engines. Notes Robert Cyran, “Interesting part is Volvo doing this because they think combustion R&D and investment will soon be obsolete.”

It’s not the avocado toast

Bloomberg Businessweek’s Chris Bryant explains Why Millennial Graduates Will Not Be Buying Your House. He writes, “Mounting student debt in the U.K., U.S. and elsewhere, might hold young people back from buying houses and saving for retirement. That would endanger economic growth and asset prices, with the effects made worse by shifting demographics. This should worry everybody.”

On the bright side, here’s “Why you don't have to (yet) welcome our new robot overlords,” tweets Danielle Burger. Bloomberg Technology’s Craig Torres explains Why the Robot Takeover of the Economy Is Proceeding Slowly. Says Simon Kennedy, “Typically smart story by @ctorresreporter.”

Oh I am so here for this

Seth Mandel links to the story from NBC News’ Tom Costello and Daniel Arkin that Amelia Earhart May Have Survived Crash-Landing, Never-Before-Seen Photo Suggests. Tweets Alex Burns, “Tale of 2 aviators: Lindbergh palled around w/Nazis, while new photo suggests Earhart may been held captive by Japan.” “Wow. If this is really new evidence Amelia Earhart survived, the most interesting thing I've seen today,” says Carrie Levine.

{french person noises}

And finally, here’s some “Smart puncturing of the French-girl bubble by @eliza_pb,” tweets Matthew Schneier, of How to Sell a Billion-Dollar Myth Like a French Girl, Eliza Brooke’s piece for Racked. Tweets Tyler McCall, “oh my god, THANK YOU, @eliza_pb.” Stephanie Talmadge observes, “the French Girl is basically just a Cool Girl but with less sports and more red lipstick,” and Julia Rubin calls the piece “A definitive look at the French Girl and the massive economy she hath wrought.” Or as Meredith Haggerty puts it, “{french person noises}.”

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